Flash Concentrate Dishwashing Powder Sachets

Phosphates from detergents are proven to be resonsible for contamination of waterways that can lead to the outbreak of toxic algal blooms and super charged growth of aquatic weeds. These algae and weeds choke our rivers and catchment areas, reducing the oxygen levels in the water and eventually potentially killing the fish and fauna.

The human side effects of digesting algal toxins in contaminated water can also be severe with symptoms ranging from skin and eye irritation to gastreonteritis, liver damage, paralysis and respiratory arrest. Some Algal toxins are now known to promote tumor growth.

By choosing FLASH you are making a positive step towards the protection of Australia’s most precious resource. Water.

Why Choose Flash?

FLASH delivers brilliant dishwashing performance without the use pf phosphates

FLASH has built-in rinse aid, sanitiser and deodoriseroffice 2016 key
productkeysticker and won’t leave toxic chemical residues or odours in your dishwasher

FLASH child proof sachets limit the amount of detergent entering our environment to just 10g per wash

FLASH is 100% biodegradeable and safe for use in all bio-systems

FLASH is Australian made and owned